About our properties

We have 9 houses in total, five houses have 4 bedrooms, three are 5 bed and we have one 6-bedroom house available.

All houses come fully furnished, including electrical appliances and basic kitchen utensils and crockery. All items included can be specified upon viewing

We offer group housing as opposed to student ‘halls’ of residence style accommodation. Therefore, we ask that tenants apply for housing as a group. However, in the instance that an individual cannot live at a property for whatever reason, we will accept applications from one person to take over their contract.

All houses have at least one parking space available, or free parking within the vicinity of the house. Some may need you to apply for a parking permit, which Jaynestreet can help you with when you move in.

Pets are generally not allowed unless there are special circumstances. Jaynestreet will allow pets on the property if it is agreed by all the tenants.

No, rooms prices are per person, we will allow the occasional visitor if agreed by all the other tenants.

All our properties are checked annually, including Gas safety checks, PAT testing and each property has an Energy performance certificate. Jaynestreet are happy to show these to tenants as and when requested.

Book a viewing

We start viewings at the end of October, we require 24 hours’ notice in order to inform the current students occupying the property.

We generally meet perspective tenants at the property, a member of Jaynestreet will be there 5 minutes before and open the house. We can also arrange to meet at the office and go to the property together if you are unsure of the exact location of the property.

Yes, we can arrange weekend viewings and viewings outside of office hours (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday). We understand that you may have university or work commitments.

Yes, if you need to have a second look to decide, we will happily take you round again.

Contracts and applying for housing

We will ask you to complete an application form for the property you are interested in. Once we have received this from all parties that intend on moving into that property, we will then send out Fixed Term Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Once signed, the Contract is legally binding on all parties and you are liable for rental payments for the full period of the Contract.

Our tenancy agreement is 45 weeks. However, should you need to stay longer due to your university course, we can accommodate with additional costs.

No, we do not take a deposit or a summer retainer. We ask that students pay 2 weeks advanced rent before their tenancy begins.

We do not carry out credit checks, but we will need you to provide a guarantor when you apply if for any reason you are unable to pay your rent.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer contracts without a guarantor, but please contact us to discuss further options that may be available.

The application process is the same for international students, we still require a guarantor and a witness to the guarantor. We assure those applying from overseas that we will remain available and meet all your needs as an international student.

During your tenancy with Jaynestreet

We ask that you get in touch with Jaynestreet at least a week in advance to inform us of your move in date, and the approximate time you will arrive. On the day, we will contact you to confirm your arrival time and meet you at the property to let you in and provide the keys. We can then accompany you around the house and show you how the heating, lighting, broadband etc works, and answer any queries you may have.

During the summer, Jaynestreet with decorate and complete any repairs needed on the house. For this reason, we ask tenants to move in from the 24th of August. However, if you need to move in earlier for whatever reason we are happy to accommodate this and extend your contract accordingly, but we must make the tenants aware that we may still need to complete some repairs whilst they are living at the property.

As mentioned previously all repairs and maintenance is completed during the summer, therefore tenants should not find any problems upon moving in. Should a problem arise please contact Jaynestreet immediately and we will rectify this as soon as possible.

We ask tenants not to decorate their room as Jaynestreet have decorated over the summer. By decorate we imply painting/wallpapering etc. Tenants are welcome to put down rugs or put things on the wall that can be removed at the end of the tenancy agreement. Rooms should be left as they were found when moving in. If a tenant would like shelves moving or TV brackets up, we will happily do this for them, there will be a small maintenance charge for TV brackets.

All tenants will be provided with contact numbers to call/text with any problems, and we make ourselves available 24/7. If it is a minor repair, we will aim to fix this as soon as possible within working hours, for any emergencies or anything that needs to be fixed straight away (i.e., loss of hot water). Someone from Jaynestreet will attend straight away.

We ask all tenants to report any problem to Jaynestreet and we will tend to the problem ourselves. Please do not try to do this yourself for health and safety, this also includes changing lightbulbs, we will do this for the tenants.

Jaynestreet will look after all the outside areas, these are all gardened/tidied up during the summer and maintained throughout the year. We will inform students when gardeners will be attending the properties.


Generally, we accept bank transfer, if a tenant would like to pay using a different payment method (cash, cheque etc). This can be discussed with a member of staff.

Rent is payable termly, we try to coincide payment dates along with the student loan dates, within the months of October, January, and April. If a tenant would prefer to pay in different instalments e.g., Monthly, this can be discussed/arranged with Jaynestreet.


Once you have signed your contract you are legally bound until the end of your tenancy agreement. If you have a replacement, we will consider ending your contract early, as long as they meet the Jaynestreet criteria, and all other tenants are in agreement. There will be an admin fee of £100 for the termination of your contract.

You can access your council tax exemption certificate from your Go Portal. If you have any problems, contact enrolment@edgehill.ac.uk.

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